The Official April 8 Total Solar Eclipse Forecast

The excitement is building… We are officially 3 days away from the Total Solar Eclipse!! We’ve been checking new models everyday, watching to see what the forecast is shaping up to look like for April 8th.

By Hope Kleitsch

Originally, things were not looking all that great. When models were first in reach, it appeared as though a system would impact the region on the day of the eclipse. Completely overcast skies painted the picture and rain also looked to dominate the day.

Now, we are still tracking a cold front coming through Indiana around that date, but we are expecting that it moves through this weekend. When this happens, the cold front will clear out a majority of the clouds (yay!) for the state.

There could still be a thin, high-cloud layer for the Hoosier State, but this shouldn’t obscure your view too much! 

For our neighbors to the east, unfortunately, it appears as though overcast skies will continue into Monday as the low pushes east. This would leave the non-ideal conditions in Ohio and throughout the northeast. 

Other states that look to have good viewing conditions are Illinois and Missouri. It gets iffy again heading south into Arkansas and Texas as another system impedes the Lone Star State. 

Temperatures do look very pleasant, though, for all states! We’re talking upper 60s to lower 70s for the Ohio Valley region. Even jumping into the lower 80s for Texas southern Arkansas.

We will keep you posted about conditions as we get closer to the eclipse, but for now, cross your fingers for clear conditions!