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Welcome to a reinvented weather forecast. Combining the nation’s most accurate and comprehensive data with a team of dedicated meteorologists, Clarity provides each user with the details they need to make successful decisions. With Clarity, you’ll have a more reliable and efficient way of getting forecasts and never be left guessing when you’re making important decisions.

Our Platform

Powerful data. Simple solutions.

Easy to use on a desktop computer or mobile phone & tablet!

  • Customize your account exactly as you need it for every user. 
  • Chat with our meteorologists directly in the platform and get a response within minutes!
  • Monitor industry specific tools.
  • Easy to edit alerts, locations and radar functions.
  • Utilize custom commentary from our team to make smart, quick decisions.

Customize alerts for your precise needs.

  • Have a wind threshold for outdoor structures or a heat index limit for outdoor activities? Customize alerts for current conditions to match your organization’s emergency action plans. 
  • Set up lightning range rings, countdown timers & more to keep patrons safe during storms!
  • Get the alerts you need and skip the ones you don’t. Monitor any national weather service alerts you need for your operation.


Tools to help you succeed.

A Personalized Weather Experience

Hourly Insights

Hourly insights are added commentary to give you direct info on forecast risks, details and where automated data may need to adjust.

Daily Insights

Insights on the daily forecasts have been added to allow our meteorologists to give more detailed commentary on the pattern ahead.


Now casts give you pressing weather information as soon as you open the platform allowing you to make decisions efficiently.


Our meteorologists can create *any* custom maps that can provide you with more information to plan ahead. Whether it's a potential winter storm, severe weather event or a pattern favorable for flooding rains - you will find our custom thoughts in this section.


With increased speed and functionality plus a modern design, you won't need any other radars in your pocket. Plus, enjoy tools for both observed and future products and enjoy an increased ability to visualize/navigate between your locations.

Hourly Metrics

We have tools beneficial for every industry - such as the spray forecast for Ag, PaveCast for snow and WBGT for schools. With Clarity, select which version of the hourly forecast you want to see and be more efficient when analyzing our forecast products.


Everything you need to make confident decisions


With Clarity's chat feature, consult directly with a meteorologist anytime you need to make a critical decision & get a response within minutes.

Threshold Alerts

Set up alert notifications for any location when it has reached thresholds for rain, wind, snow, temperatures and visibility.


With PaveCast get road temperature and condition forecasts for multiple different pavement types in all types of winter weather.

Lightning Alerts

BAM"s customizable lightning alerts allow you to receive notifications when lightning has entered designated rings. Plus, customize a countdown timer so you know when your location is clear from lightning threats.

Video Updates

BAM's meteorologists will produce daily local video updates within Clarity and more customized and specific video updates within your daily and hourly insights. Breakdowns of key points will help you focus on what matters to you most!


Do you have multiple different teams/groups focused on different locations/priorities? With Clarity you can set up separate teams to get rid of the noise and allow your employees to focus solely on the locations and weather data they need.


Tutorials for specific industries

Outdoor Events

Snow Removal

Personal Users





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Clarity by BAM Weather

Anyone and everyone! While we have different plans for Businesses (Pro) and personal users (Starter), Clarity is perfect for everyone!

After you sign up, you will be able to log in with your username and password on You can then click the pencil button and start adding locations to monitor! You can also download the Clarity app through the App Store or Google Play Store on a phone or tablet and access forecast information there.

Go to, enter your contact information, select which options/features you want and then check-out with one of the payment methods!

The Pro plan is intended for businesses making weather-related decisions. This is great for farms, snow removal companies, schools/universities, concrete pouring, construction, government and more! The starter plan is perfect for the parent planning the day, the weather enthusiast, the storm chaser or anyone else that just needs better weather information. 

If you have any questions, please fill out the form at so we can get you an answer ASAP! 

Clarity has been uniquely designed to give real, human forecast insights. So often, weather forecasts from free apps and competitors is completely automated. Automated data is still prone to major forecast errors and left unchecked can cause you to make costly decisions. You get to hear from a real person from the local news and the NWS, but they don’t give you the specifics you need for your specific operation. 

With Clarity, we combine the latest technology with detailed forecast commentary directly from our meteorologists. If you need more info, you can simply send us a chat and we’ll provide you more specifics. Impending inclement weather? We’ll time out precise timing and impacts for you. 

With Clarity, you’re not just getting a weather forecast, you’re getting weather SUPPORT from a team of dedicated meteorologists.