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BAMWX.COM specializes in delivering a very simple but yet unique forecast.  We forecast for multiple industries including agricultural, snow removal, landscape, special events, schools and more.  We focus with extreme attention to detail in both short and long term forecasting.  Our #1 goal is to assist your organization or business in high cost decision support based on accurate weather analytics.  If you are interested in mitigating risk and increasing profits contact us today.




Agriculture Weather Forecast
-Extensive detailed analysis on the weather pattern of the US AG belt.  Perfect option for commodity
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Energy Forecast
-Extensive detailed analysis on the weather pattern and its effects on energy demand. Perfect option...
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Operational Weather Forecast
-Extensive detailed local weather analytics. This service is perfect for landscaping, farming, snow ...
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-Our on-site services are perfect for large outdoor venues of any kind. We take the guesswork out of...
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SMS Weather Updates
-Custom text alerts prepared from our staff of Meteorologists. These are perfect for quick updates w...
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Forensic Service
-Have a weather related claim whether it be lightning, flooding or even hail damage? Let our team of...
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