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Save money, enhance safety.
Weather consulting from BAM Weather.

Businesses lose valuable time and money acting off bad weather information. At BAMWX we provide 24/7 weather forecast consulting to help you make better professional decisions, so you can run your operation as efficiently as possible.

Trusted By The Best

We understand how frustrating bad weather data can be. That’s why BAM has meteorologists working around the clock ensuring clients like the ones below are constantly updated with the best information possible. Talk to a human when you’re making big decisions rather than relying on data displayed in an app!

You risk A LOT with bad weather information.

You'll be shocked to see how much time you free up and money you save by adding BAMWX to your operations plan.

Location Specific Weather

Forecasts When You Need It

A 30% chance of rain doesn't help when it's game time. Let us time out specific weather for you during those critical decision times.

Forecasts Where You Need It

Location specific means your EXACT location. You need to know if weather will impact your spot, not a generalized region.

Forecasts How You Need It

Get what you need, skip what you don't. No one has time to sift through 30 pieces of information to get to what you need.

Steps to Start Getting Better Weather Information:

Talk to an Expert

Talk to a BAM representative to see where we can help fill the gap in weather forecast information.

Determine What You Need

We know weather impacts everyone differently. Create a customized solution applicable to your exact needs. 

Never Stress About Weather Again!

Stop flying blind when it comes to weather and start acting off information that will lead to smooth and confident operations!

Track Current Conditions and Recent Observations

Detailed Hourly Forecast
Industry Specific Tools

2 Minute Hi-Res Radar
Lightning & Storm Tracking Capabilities

Ask a Meteorologist a Question Anytime

Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Forecasts

Custom "Forecast Insight" Commentary from our Meteorologists