Our Story


BAMWX LLC was founded in late 2012 by co-founders and owners Bryan Kilgore, Amanda Kilgore and Michael Clark. At the time, the company was called “BAM CHASE” and with BAM standing for the owners, Bryan, Amanda and Michael. 

Initially, BAM began as storm chasers – including chasing the 2012 EF-4 tornado in Henryville, IN. Video taken by BAM of the Henryville tornado received local and nationwide recognition.Over time, BAM evolved into something entirely different. From storm chasers to providing free weather forecasts on social media platforms, eventually BAM began to offer small subscriptions providing a more detailed, bolder weather forecast. Eventually, the team realized that not only did the general public need better weather information, but business owners, events and more needed more reliable, specific weather forecast information. 

Subsequently, BAM Chase evolved into BAMWX or BAM Weather and the services – and team – began to expand.From working out of a homemade office in Bryan and Amanda’s home to becoming a multi-million-dollar company, twelve years later, BAM now services thousands of clients across the United States, Canada and South America.

In addition to services clients across industries like Agriculture, Energy, Snow Removal, Construction and more, BAM consults with major events across the country. This has included major events such as the NCAA Men’s Final 4, World Series, Daytona 500, Big Ten Football Championship, race teams at the Indianapolis 500, Taylor Swift Concerts and more.

BAMWX LLC now has a team of 20 employees and hosts weather forecasts and consulting a new innovated platform, Clarity. With continual innovation of weather technology, BAMWX LLC hopes to bring their mission worldwide of empowering lives through valuable weather forecasts and build meaningful relationships along the way.