BAMWX selected to serve as formal weather provider for Franklin College

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August 11th, 2020

BAMWX selected to serve as formal weather provider for Franklin College.

Greenwood, Ind. – BAM Weather (BAMWX.COM) announced today that it has been selected as the formal weather provider for Franklin College. BAM Weather will provide weather data, forecasting and support for Franklin College’s operations and athletics to assist with imperative, weather-related decisions.

Officials at Franklin College will have exclusive access to BAM Weather’s new state-of-the-art Weather Porthole platform. The platform will provide detailed weather data on both an hourly and daily basis using the country’s most accurate, hi-res conglomeration of computer models. Franklin College will also have access to on-call support from BAM Weather’s experienced team of meteorologists for detailed weather analysis. The Weather Porthole will be accessible for Franklin College through an online portal or mobile app.

Among the features that will be provided to Franklin College will be instant, location specific severe weather alerts. These alerts are based solely on the location of the campus, rather than typical county-wide alerts. BAM Weather hopes to reduce false weather alarms and increase situational awareness by using this method of severe weather alerts.

“We’ve seen numerous instances of events, businesses and other campuses unnecessarily taking shelter in situations of severe weather due to county-based alerts,” said Michael Clark, Co-founder & Meteorologist in charge of BAMWx. “This type of county-based alerting can lead to complacency among the general public when severe weather doesn’t verify. We applaud Franklin College for taking steps to enhance the safety and awareness of severe weather by transitioning to BAM Weather’s alert system.”

High-resolution lightning data will additionally be provided by BAM Weather to Franklin College. Lightning alerts will be pushed to Franklin College officials based on specified proximity ranges from campus. Lightning strikes will be available for viewing oversight by officials on the Weather Porthole’s high-resolution multi-radar, multi-sensor (MRMS) radar.

BAM Weather’s unique combination of high-resolution data, radar, alerts and meteorological support will allow Franklin College officials to make informed procedural decisions in advance of and during inclement weather.

“Although we have only been a customer of BamWX for a short time, we cannot express how excited we are about the service that we are receiving. The daily forecasts and videos, as well the pinpoint lightning information has already proven to be invaluable for us here at Franklin College in protecting our student-athletes. The direct access to a meteorologist 24/7 will also prove to be vital as we continue to move forward with events on our campus, and do not want to be surprised when weather events pop up.” said Chris Shaff, Head Athletic Trainer at Franklin College.


Vision: Franklin College will be nationally recognized as a premier college for engaged learning in the liberal arts and sciences, inspiring students to think independently, to question critically and to live, lead and serve meaningfully.

Location: The Franklin College campus spans 207 acres, including athletic fields and a 31-acre biology woodland. Because Franklin is close to Indianapolis, its residents enjoy easy access to the resources offered by a large city, but they can also enjoy the charm and small-town atmosphere of Franklin itself, which has a population of roughly 20,000.


BAMWX specializes in delivering a very simple yet unique and personal, location specific forecast. In addition to universities, BAMWX also provides forecasting services for industries including school districts, professional sports, motorsports, concerts, fairs and festivals, agricultural, snow removal, landscape, energy, and more. With a focus and extreme attention to detail in both short and long-term forecasting, BAM’s #1 goal is to assist customers in high cost decision support based on accurate weather analytics.