PRESS RELEASE: BAM Weather has been selected as official weather provider for Crops Science Investigations.


April 29, 2024

GREENWOOD, IN – BAM Weather ( announced today that they will be providing weather data and forecasts to Crops Science Investigations (CSI). BAM Weather will provide weather data, forecasting, and support through their platform, Clarity, for CSI operations.

Weather has a major impact on crops and agriculture from a daily, seasonal and historical monitoring perspective. To mitigate weather concern, CSI will utilize Clarity’s 24/7, live meteorological consultation and observations to aid in critical weather-related decisions.

“We’ve watched you on Facebook for a long time and really liked how thorough you all were,” Founder and CEO Jeff Littrell said, “Ultimately we felt like this [Clarity by BAMWX] was a way to give a much more detailed look to our individual farmers and given them something they could hang their hat on.”

In additional to weather forecast information and consulting, observations like observed rainfall data, soil moisture monitoring and more will be used to assist in critical agriculture weather documentation.

“When you get into the insurance aspect, if you don’t have good documentation, then it’s worthless,” Littrell said. “We need good data. To do a better job in modern agriculture we need better, predictable tools.”

While weather data on the Clarity provides a detailed representation of future and past weather conditions, the platform also brings human interaction back into the picture in a heavily automated world. With consistent interaction and communication on the platform, the goal for BAM is to provide clients an increased level of confidence when dealing with weather situations.

“We are so excited to partner up officially with Jeff and team over at CSI this year, providing direct weather support to both their business in making critical weather decisions, BAMWX Director of Business Development Kirk Hinz said. “Our goal also is to help as many of their current and future clients as possible make the best possible weather-related decisions, adding even more personal value that CSI provides in their agricultural operations consulting business.”


BAM Weather specializes in delivering a very simple yet unique and personal, location specific forecast. In addition to athletic events, BAM Weather also provides forecasting services for industries including school districts, event venues, motorsports, concerts, fairs and festivals, agriculture, snow removal, landscape, energy, and much more. With a focus and extreme attention to detail in both short and long-term forecasting, BAM’s #1 goal is to assist customers in high-cost decision support based on accurate weather analytics.

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About the Crops Science Investigation:

Crops Science Investigation has a passion for profitable farming combined with healthy agriculture and the experience to make it happen.

To help improve quality CSI offers:

  • Farmer Education
  • Soil Testing with Fertility Recommendations
  • Custom Dry Blending Tailored to your Soil
  • Farm Visits for Hands on Interaction
  • Nutritional Foliar Sprays and Microbial Inoculants to Enhance Yield