Breaking the Cycle: Building the Brand

While BAMwx started just a little over a decade ago, a seed was planted for Co-Owner and Meteorologist Michael Clark at a young age that has blossomed into something much bigger. In this week’s episode of “Breaking the Cycle”, Michael discusses the creation and evolution of BAMwx with COO and Meteorologist Kirk Hinz. 

“I wasn’t really aware of how passionate I was about [weather] until I really started to learn and the more I learned the more I got into [weather],” Clark expressed. 

In this episode, take a deep dive into personal and professional moments that shaped the foundation and course of their lives and the culture of BAMwx. From storm chasers building a social media following to a rapidly growing, innovative company, learn the ins and outs of the motivation and values driving BAMwx to continued success and a winning mentality. 

Listen to the full podcast here: