BAM Announcement: Vince Bryan promoted to COO, Matt Griffin to Meteorologist-in-Charge.

GREENWOOD, IN – BAMWX (BAMWX.COM) announced today that it has promoted Vince Bryan to the position of Chief Operating Officer and Matt Griffin to Meteorologist-in-Charge. Bryan has spent the last year and a half acting as the Meteorologist-in-Charge, managing the growth and operations of the meteorology department of BAM Weather. Griffin previously served as a senior meteorologist and more recently assistant meteorologist-in-charge. Both have been with BAM Weather since 2019.

BAM Weather staffs 7 full-time and intern meteorologists including Griffin who will now lead the department. Bryan will oversee company-wide operations. Griffin holds a master’s degree from the University of North Dakota and Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University.

“I am very excited to lead up the met team here at BAMWX and to continue to build on the sturdy foundation that Vince built,” Griffin said.  “My goal is to give clients a world class forecasting product and a one-of-a-kind experience only possible here at BAMWX. This will be done by proper training across various forecasting environments while continuing to focus on our relationship with individual clients to provide actionable weather intel.”

Griffin and his wife recently welcomed their first child in June and live in Franklin, IN. Bryan also resides in Franklin, IN with his wife.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to help lead BAM Weather in its pursuit of constant growth and ultimate purpose of helping folks make weather related decisions,” Bryan said. “I’m particularly excited about being able to really focus on spreading the unmatched culture and core values that BAM lives by. There is an incredibly clear vision here regarding the future ahead and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to help turn that vision into reality!”


BAMWx specializes in delivering a very simple yet unique and personal, location specific forecast. In addition to outdoor venues, BAMWx also provides forecasting services for industries including school districts, professional sports, motorsports, concerts, fairs, and festivals, agricultural, snow removal, landscape, energy, and more. With a focus and extreme attention to detail in both short and long-term forecasting, BAM’s #1 goal is to assist customers in high-cost decision support based on accurate weather analytics.

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Bret Walts, Chief Communications Officer
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