Zone Forecast
Daily detailed weather analytics specific to your location. Use our forecast detail to assist in high cost decision support.
Agriculture Forecast
Manage the risk of impending inclement weather impactful to crop. Commodity traders make sound investing decisions with our team's experience.
Energy Forecast
Stay weeks ahead of energy demand changes with our unique,unorthodox approach to short and long term weather prediction.

About Us

BAMWX.COM specializes in delivering a very simple but yet unique forecast.  We forecast for multiple industries including agricultural, snow removal, landscape, special events, schools and more.  We focus with extreme attention to detail in both short and long term forecasting.  Our #1 goal is to assist your organization or business in high cost decision support based on accurate weather analytics.  If you are interested in mitigating risk and increasing profits contact us today.



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If the success of your business or event is contingent on the weather, I would highly suggest you talk to BAMWX about their weather consulting service. As a snow removal contractor, we must have the most accurate and up to date forecast available.
Kevin Mangin, Owner, B&B Group Inc
Kevin Mangin, Owner, B&B Group Inc
You are making this so easy and taking the guessing game out of it. Every contractor and municipality in the area should be paying you to tap into this service.
Rob Delaby, Owner, Shane’s Outdoor Living and Landscapes
Rob Delaby, Owner, Shane’s Outdoor Living and Landscapes
One of the best decisions I have made in my six years as street commissioner for the City of Crawfordsville has been signing up as a commercial client of BAM Weather.
Scott Hesler, City of Crawfordsville Indiana
Working with Michael Clark and his team at BAMWX has been a definite asset to my company. Before signing up for their services, I was always in the dark about what the weather was going to do and had to rely on news and internet to help make my decisions. With snow removal such a large part of my business, it was imperative to have up to date accurate data. BAMWX has allowed me to be better notified and make sound decisions on events as they happen.
Mike Gochenour Owner, Extreme Outdoor Solutions
Mike Gochenour Owner, Extreme Outdoor Solutions

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