Sporting and Outdoor Events


“When our Groundskeepers came to us about BAMWX we were a bit hesitant.   We really didn’t understand how accurate they could be in helping us with the weather we get here from the Gulf Coast. We elected to use it for this season and it immediately paid for itself. In my nearly 20 years of working in sports I never had to postpone an opening day, but sure enough we had inclement weather predicted and our reports from BAMWX helped us make the correct decision when it came to postponing the game and rescheduling it, savings us thousands of dollars in labor costs which we would have incurred in the past, by waiting to see if we could play, while we used the various free weather apps on our phones or desktops, or contacted traditional weather service bureaus for information. The reports we receive daily and throughout the day from BAMWX not only accurately forecast the weather but they also explain to us why things are occurring and what they feel will occur based on the various models they use. It’s information you can’t get from traditional weather forecasting platforms.

I highly recommend working with BAMWX for any of your games or entertainment events, the information, reports, service and responsiveness are world class.

Octavio Víctor “Cookie” Rojas Rivas — General Manager – New Orleans Baby Cakes