Good day to all of you and I hope this finds you well! We have had several requests from folks wanting to learn everything the Weather Porthole can do for you. So, to make it easy I made a quick YouTube video tutorial on how to use all of the features. The even more exciting news is our own native app is coming for Apple & Android very soon! Here are some preview images from the app itself. A reminder that our weather forecasts are using a blend of models from all around the world to allow for the most accurate forecast humanly possible.
Our staff is dedicated to constantly developing and improving this product. Our team of Meteorologists, PHD and masters level professionals are working tirelessly to make sure this is the absolute best product in the industry and we’re only just getting started. Please click on the link below to learn how to fully use the Weather Porthole. There are some super cool features embedded within the platform that would cost you thousands of dollars elsewhere. We are working on putting every possible weather-related tool you need right in the palm of your hand but most importantly the human element still applies for the best accuracy possible.

From all of us at BAM Weather thank you so much for your continued support and please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for questions or support.