BAMWX selected to serve as weather provider for Great Lakes Drone Company

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February 13, 2020

BAMWX selected to serve as weather provider for Great Lakes Drone Company

Greenwood, Ind. – BAM Weather (BAMWX.COM) announced today it has been selected to serve as the weather information provider for Starlight Aerial Productions, a division of Great Lakes Drone Company, to provide weather data to ensure the safety and success of its events and operations.

“We are excited to be selected by Great Lakes Drone Company to provide accurate and timely weather data,” said Michael Clark, co-owner and head meteorologist at BAMWX. “They are the industry leader and use the latest in technology for aerial light shows around the world as well as agricultural services and search and rescue operations. Our precise weather information will allow them to be proactive in keeping their equipment and show spectators safe from threatening weather.”

“Drone operations, especially multiple drone operations for aerial performances, demand precise weather planning for optimal performance. Over the past few years our operators have had to gather data from several resources to make accurate and timely decisions for our operations,” said Matthew Quinn, CEO, Great Lakes Drone Company.  “This partnership allows a significant reduction in pilot in command workload by allowing meteorologists to gather and decipher the data we need to make decisions our clients require for their special events. Knowing that BAM Weather meteorologists are trained with our operational performance requirements takes our safety and preplanning to a whole new level of production.”

ABOUT THE GREAT LAKES DRONE COMPANY: Great Lakes Drone Company, LLC based in Stevensville, Michigan with offices in Honolulu. HI and Seattle, WA is dedicated to providing our clients and communities with high quality imagery and data with industry driven solutions with the latest in UAV technology worldwide. Starlight Aerial Productions, a division of Great Lakes Drone Company, is the premier provider of integrated aerial entertainment, utilizing multiple aspects of drone technology and innovations as a leader in drone light show services. For more information please visit: www.greatlakesdronecompany.com

ABOUT BAM WEATHER: BAMWX specializes in delivering a very simple yet unique and personal, site specific forecast. In addition to supporting fairs and festivals across the Midwest, BAMWX also provides forecasting services for industries including school districts, professional and collegiate sports, motorsports, concerts, agricultural, snow removal, landscape, energy, and more. With a focus and extreme attention to detail in both short- and long-term forecasting, BAM’s #1 goal is to assist its customer in high cost decision support based on real-time and accurate weather analytics. For more information please visit www.BAMWX.com .