10-31-19 Tovar Chicago North (8:30amCT): Winter storm update next 4 hours.

10-31-19 Tovar Chicago North (8:30amCT): Snowstorm update next 4 hours.

A look at the current setup. Everything overall is going exactly as planned. Temps near the lake and into the inner city will start to warm the next 4 hours. This will hinder pavement accumulations and mainly keep roads and lots wet. Snow is generally moving east. 

You can see the hi-res model data taking temps up the next 4 hours across the Chicago metro area and into NW IND. So while the snow might be coming down heavy we believe being its during the day with the October sun angle and temps above 32ºF not much can happen with this. We do not believe the snow will be heavy enough to overcome that but rest assured we will continue to monitor. 

You can get idea of what rdar will look like the next 4 hours here and as I said above it will be snowing but doubt it will be impacting the area other than some slushy accumulations here and there where areas are prone to stay colder. 

This is the reason you’re likely still hearing conflicting weather reports. The model thinks the snow will accumulate onto the pavement but for now we do not agree with this idea. So our official forecast will remain unchanged. 

Here is our official snowfall map when talking pavement.