4-1-19 Indiana Forecast: Dry through mid-week, temps warming up! Rain risks mid to late week, surge of warmth for next weekend! N.

Indiana Video:

Total precipitation and snowfall observed over the weekend:  Want to acknowledge that the snow accumulation Saturday evening was unexpected….the system was quite dynamic and the cold air wrapped in quicker than expected, producing a more widespread band of moderate snowfall which overcame the warm grounds.  We thought there would be a brief burst of snow on the back-edge, but this happened more widespread and faster than we thought. The heavy rates overcame the warm surfaces and allowed accumulations of 1-2″ in several locations.  Not to mention, 1-1.5″ of precipitation fell across the state Friday-Saturday.  

Weather Headlines:

Other than a very small sprinkle chance Tuesday (north), the first half of the week will be dry.  Showers will arrive Wednesday night, and stick around into Friday morning.  

Right now we are calling for 0.25″ to 0.50″ of rain with this system.  Some spots north could see higher amounts.  

Wind forecast over the next 4 days:

Very warm period comes from the weekend into early next week.  Watching a system late in the weekend and early next week, with a more active pattern evolving for the second week of April.  Total precipitation out to 2 weeks:

Temperature data over the next 10 days:


Fort Wayne: