1-14-19 Indiana Forecast: Calmer next few days with minor risk of freezing drizzle…eyes turn to next weekend’s winter storm threat. N.

Indiana Video:

Observed snowfall this weekend vs. our final forecast.  Overall it panned out very well.  There will always be spots that get more or less snow than expected, and the one area that got a bit more was far northern Illinois as the storm ticked north slightly.  Much of central Indiana was indeed in the 6-8″ snowfall range.

As we head into late tonight and Tuesday morning, a weak wave aloft may aid in the development of patchy areas of freezing drizzle in northwest Indiana and the northern half of Illinois.

Our next system comes Thursday, which may start out as some freezing rain north of I-70.  Northern parts of the state may remain cold enough for wet snow to mix in with minor accumulations Thursday.

The main focus is on the potential for a major, impactful winter storm for next weekend with snow and ice as threats.  We cover some of the model data in the video.  Encourage keeping a very close eye on the forecast over the next several days.  Extremely cold air will follow this storm as well.  

High temperatures over the next 4 days:

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