11-8-18 IN/IL/OH: Slushy snow accum. north of I-70 early Friday….additional snow showers FRI evening…quiet but cold weekend! N.

Today’s video:

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All eyes turn to the wintry weather precipitation risks tonight into early Friday morning. As Nathan mentioned in the video it looks like this pulse will be more “dynamic” than previously mentioned, simply meaning the risk has increased for “bursts” of snow that can quickly reduce visibilities and for a time may make roadways slushy mainly in our purple shaded area. The white circled area represents the area where coldest temps will be located and slick spot risks the highest on pavement. Overall where the snow falls we expect surface temps to above freezing so most of the snow should melt and not cause widespread impacts to the roadways (temps remain above freezing all Friday); with that being said, in the area also shaded in purple we cannot fully rule out period of slick spots as we think at times heavy snow bursts could overcome the warm surface for a time. Right now favoring ~0.5-1.5″ mainly on grassy/elevated surfaces. The overall timeframe of this event will be midnight west to noon Friday northeast:

Here’s the NAM-3km model simulated radar through this period:

We did also want to mention that late Friday afternoon into the evening we do think it’s possible scattered bursts of snow are present in between the peaks of sunshine as well especially across eastern IL and IN (expecting surface temps to be well above freezing here)…lake effect snow showers will also be on the table across southern MI to northern IN and cause reduce visibilities in the periods of heavy bursts of snow:

We are still anticipating a weak pulse of energy to move quickly west to east across the Region late Friday night that we think could bring light snow showers as well as lake effect snow showers across southern MI, northern IN into northern OH locations. Additional slick spot risks will be present here given the very cold temps dipping into the 20s behind this wave:

The Euro model has been consistent on both its lake effect solution and the general area of light accumulations; from central IL to central IN and SW OH we feel “pockets” of a coating of snow up to 1″ are possible.  We do also think this model could be underdone across southern MI to northern IN where we think pockets of 2-4″ is on the table…we will fine-tune this risk in the future updates to come:

We still are watching very closely next Monday evening into early Tuesday for the “potential” of a more widespread snow event to work into the Ohio Valley…the Euro model has remained consistent with this solution while the GFS (American model) keeps us drier and suppresses the snow further south and east. Need to monitor this as we get closer but this is a system that we need to be prepared for as it could bring more widespread accumulating snowfall:

High temperatures over the next 4 days:

Low temperatures over the next 4 days…frigid into Saturday/Sunday mornings:

Wind forecast over the next 4 days:

High/low temperatures over the next 10 days: