#ILwx Zones 3/4 Details on timing of a very complex weekend wintry system…we target multiple disturbances next week as well. K.

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Key Points – Friday, December 16, 2016 – next week

Synopsis: Apologize for a little longer video today, we just have a lot going in that we wanted to keep you guys updated on. We still have a complex system moving through the Midwest this weekend, please if you have any questions at all gives us a text or call and we can narrow down the details better for you. We will be battling a lot of dry air initially through the morning and early afternoon hours today, so don’t be surprised if the radar shows activity…it will likely not be hitting the ground (called virga). Freezing rain/sleet will be an issue overnight to early Saturday morning especially across central Illinois, so if you have any zero tolerance lots these need to be monitored closely. We talk about accumulating snow across eastern Iowa as well as northern Illinois tonight into Saturday as well. Backside arctic air Saturday night into Sunday will bring a serious concern for flash freezing similar to what we saw this past Tuesday…so continue to monitor your lots and shoot us your questions if you have any. Multiple disturbances that have “wintry” potential are showing up next week including one near Christmas, more details in the video! Have a fantastic weekend, we will update as necessary.

Current radar…flurries possible near the Missouri/Illinois border early this morning:

All the details on timing are in the video, but here’s a brief glance at simulated radar. We will be battling freezing rain/sleet across central portions of Illinois tonight into tomorrow as well as accumulating snow across eastern Iowa to northern Illinois.

Temperatures drop drastically Saturday into Sunday…flash freezing a serious concern where pavement remains wet…we recommend keeping an eye on your lots for slippery surfaces.

Here’s a glance at hourly temperatures for a 4 locations from 6pm tonight to 6am Sunday morning if you needed more specifics for your areas.

BAM Snow/Ice Accumulation Map:

Need to watch 2 systems next week that have potential at snow Monday night and Wednesday night into Thursday. Too early for specifics but we will continue to keep you all updated.


Confidence and Risk:

  • Average confidence for freezing rain/sleet tonight works in through tomorrow across central portions of Illinois
  • Average to above average confidence in accumulating snow from Davenport to Chicago
  • Increasing confidence in flash freezing potential Sat night into Sunday morning
  • Increasing confidence we are eyeing 2 wintry systems next week that need watching
  • Increasing confidence we stay active over the next 1-2 months in the Ohio Valley and Midwest

Today’s Video (7 min):