#ILwx #INwx #OHwx Update on Tuesday’s Accumulating Snow

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#ILwx #INwx #OHwx Update on Tuesday’s Accumulating Snow

Synopsis: Good evening, we wanted to provide you with our latest thoughts on the system moving through tonight into tomorrow…not a lot has changed but we wanted to time it out for you once again. Initial precipitation possibly not hitting the ground due to dry air…we don’t start seeing accumulation until about 6-7am Tuesday morning. There are some mixed precipitation concerns for a time tomorrow for a line from Effingham to Bedford to Versailles south from 4:30am to 7:30am. We expect all precipitation to exit eastern Ohio by 7pm. Temperatures drop into the teens to single digits up north on Wednesday morning especially across areas that have a snowpack down…slippery roads and surfaces that are untreated are a concern given how quickly the temperatures at the surface drop Tuesday into Wednesday. We will continue to monitor the data through the overnight and provide the next update early tomorrow morning…on-call clients if you have any questions please let us know! Stay safe out there folks and have a nice evening.

Timing of greatest precipitation tomorrow:

BAM Accumulation Map:

Today’s Video (5 min):