12/7/2016 Winter Threat Assessment Blog – Targeting a Very Cold Pattern Conducive for Multiple Snow Events

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12/7/2016 Winter Threat Assessment Blog – Targeting a Very Cold Pattern Conducive for Multiple Snow Events

Synopsis: The coldest air of the season sweeps into the US over the next 2 weeks, which will no doubt increase energy demand leading up to the week of Christmas with temps next week dipping below 0 degrees at times in many locations across the northern half of the US…additionally, if you get a snowpack down anywhere where this cold sets up it will have an even greater impact on making temperatures colder. We are discussing multiple winter systems throughout our Zones and long-range forecasts here on the site, NOW is the time to subscribe to our weather services with both personal and commercial options (energy, snow removal/landscape, ag, etc)…contact us today! Info@BAMwx.com

GEFS model shows trend to cold for 2/3 of the Country next 2 weeks (TropicalTidbits.com map)

Coldest air on the Planet moves in next week…increasing energy demand with temperatures plummeting throughout the core of the Country (TropicalTidbits.com map).

Next Targeted System (December 13-15th): This will be the last update on this system as our next update the system will be within 7 days.

Here’s the first look at this system from the BSR on the 14th of December (Graphic: OrganicForecasting.com)

The Big 3 Global Forecast models all share a very consistent pattern set-up with this system…the GFS/Euro are very similar in timing, the Canadian is still trying to phase this system but has plenty of wintry potential still attached to it.

Winter Threat Assessment (Dec 13-15th):

Second Target System (December 16-18th): Here’s this system showing up on the BSR ~December 17th give or take a day (Graphic: OrganicForecasting.com).

The last 3 GFS runs have been relatively consistent dropping in a sizable trough into the Plains east during this timeframe. We need to watch this system evolve in the coming updates to increase confidence of our Winter Threat Assessment target area…but at this time we feel there is real potential here for another Plains/Midwest/Interior Northeast wintry system.

Winter Threat Assessment (Dec 16-18th): Pattern conducive for a “Miller B” type storm system. Perhaps an energy transfer situation off to the east coast. 


Confidence and Risk:

  • Above average confidence of a very cold pattern setting in over the next 2 weeks that will increase energy demand
  • Increasing confidence right now in our targeted system December 13-15th
  • Increasing confidence in our targeted system December 16-18th

Interested in getting the details any of these systems within 7 days, including timing, intensity, precipitation-type etc? Send us an email to “Info@BAMwx.com” expressing your interest and we will get you taken care of!

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