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Key Points – Saturday, December 3, 2016 – late weekend

Synopsis: Just wanted to provide an update with the latest data that’s came in this afternoon, the video has all of the details on timing and confidence on accumulations and salt application so make sure to watch til the very end. Not much has changed in our thinking from this morning, will be difficult for accumulations to stick around on pavement given how quickly the surface temperatures respond to above freezing and winds pushing in from the south to southeast. A few locations of treatment application may be needed where temperatures fall below freezing on Monday morning, otherwise temperatures rise into the 40s.

Radar loop as precip mixes with snow on Sunday


The focus here is on the darker oranges and reds, where these set up is where that “thump” of heavier, wetter snow sets up.


Here’s a look at temperatures throughout this event, we really have a hard time getting below freezing with that southeast wind which is why we have lower confidence on snowfall accumulating on pavement for any length of time. 


Here is our focus where we are forecasting confidence in the application of salt/treatment…video with more specifics.


Confidence and Risk:

  • Above average confidence in the timing/precip-type/amounts of our system Sunday
  • Increasing confidence that temperatures overall will be too warm for much snowfall to accumulate on pavement for more than a few hours
  • Average to below average confidence temperatures dip below freezing Monday morning for an additional application of treatment in the northern locations of our Zones

Today’s Video (7 min):