#INwx #OHwx Wed update. Wintry mix Sun? Cold blast/poss snow next week? M.

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#INwx #OHwx Wed forecast. Wintry mix Sun? Cold blast/snow next week? 

Synopsis: Outside of a few showers tonight maybe mixing with snow at times in NW Ohio there is no weather related concerns until Sunday and details on that system are murky at the moment. We have a weak disturbance according to the models that works in Sunday. IF moisture is left over Sunday night into Monday there could be some slick surface concerns Monday morning. Systems like this can either disappear or over perform thats why its important to watch our updates going forward. Next system of concern comes middle late next week. This system easily has the potential to bring seasons first accumulation of snow but confidence is low for now. SHARPLY colder late next week and next weekend. Lows in the teens coming perhaps. Check back daily. 

Some light shows mixing with snow tonight? Nothing to be concerned with IMO. 


This vort max Sunday evening tells me more is possible then what the eye sees right now but confidence is low so check back. And precip type risk is high. 


A bigger storm system possible next week. We touch on the idea and the possible outcome in the video. I also explain why I think Canadian model shown below is way too far NW with its track of snowfall.


Big time cold air settles in for the 6-15 day period basically starting next Tuesday or so. Drastically colder air comes in. Check the long range outlook maps later this morning they will be updated. Make sure you use the long range outlook maps they are a great tool that after all you do pay for. 

Temps from normal 6-10 day.


Temps from normal 10-14 day. 


Confidence and Risks.

  • High confidence in a calm uneventful end to the work week. 
  • Average confidence in a Sunday night system but high risk involved with precip type for now.
  • Increasing confidence on a mid to late week storm system next week of some kind.
  • Above average confidence in drastically colder air working in late next week.
  • Below average confidence in how long the very cold pattern hangs around some risk for a moderation period mid December. 


Video forecast today is 6:30 min. We touch on next weeks setup. Its early so please check back. M.

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