#INwx #OHwx Rain today. Nice weekend. Storms early next week. #Winter looms…

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#INwx #OHwx Rain today. Nice weekend. Storms early next week. #Winter looms…

Synopsis: Rain will continue all day today not much in the way of dry time today at all for most of IN and OH clients. Thur and Fri remain overall mostly cloudy with drizzle Thur AM and perhaps some Fog Fri AM in spots. Watching a potent storm system early next week..as of right now models have us in the warm sector of this system which could prove to produce severe weather and heavy rain..details are sketchy at the moment but we need to watch it. The latest data as we look into Dec is very interesting to say the least..the CFSv2 is trying to suggest all out winter develops..again our official Dec forecast comes out next Tuesday the 29th. 

Rain continues all day today and into tonight. 


Total rain from today and tonight overall.


Next storm system needs to be watched early next week for heavy rain and strong storms. These low level winds are screaming up to 70MPH. 


Look at the GFS rainfall forecast right now..its early so check back. 


Looking ahead into DEC the latest CFSv2 runs are rather interesting. Seeing shades of 2013..the trend is our friend right now but need a bit more data before we say officially Dec 16 ends up like 13. Check back! 

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-13-05-am screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-11-47-am

Confidence and Risks.

  • High confidence it rains all day today.
  • High confidence in clouds Thur/Fri.
  • Average to below average confidence on severe threat early next week.
  • Average to below average confidence on heavy rain threat next week.
  • Below average confidence on the CFSv2 runs for Dec but the trend cannot be ignored. 


Video forecast. 6:30 today. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Bamwx.com! 

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