Let BAMwx.com take the guess-work out of your job this Winter! High cost decision support!

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Let BAMwx.com take the guess-work out of your job this Winter! High cost decision support!

Does your business make high-cost decisions that are impacted by weather especially during the winter? Hearing terms like “El Nino, La Nina, teleconnections, Eurasian snowcover, ensembles, seasonal analogs, etc.? Here at BAMwx, our motto is “Weather Made Simple”…our highest priority is making our forecasts easy for you to read and understand, but at the same time to give you the exact information you need to know when it comes to making business decisions. No more “guessing” at the forecast or having to average out 5 different station’s snowfall maps to determine whether you are going to need to plow or pre-treat or lay salt. We DO NOT just send you a spreadsheet and some text as your forecast, we included custom graphics, videos and snowfall maps that make the forecast crystal clear. We also offer an on-call meteorologist option so you can call us directly, 24/7, so you can get all of your weather needs answered in a timely fashion. 

I wanted to help those of you considering our services, to navigate our website to see where things are and what you get. First off: let’s start with our Zones forecast. These are updated every single day by 6:30amEDT, covering Illinois, Indiana, southern Michigan and western OH. We provide both a video and blog style forecast that is sent directly to your email or you can access via your log-in credentials on the website.

Here’s an example of a Zones forecast video during a winter storm (2/24/16 winter weather):

Here’s where this is located on the site!


We also include daily updated 7-day forecasts for Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, Peoria, IL and Cincinnati, OH. Here’s an example of what this looks like! These are NOT copy and paste forecasts…we spend multiple hours every single day breaking down forecast model data, to provide you the highest quality 7-day forecast available on the market.


Every single afternoon we issue a short-term forecast update, which covers current conditions and the forecast across all 4 of our zones, also known as an “All-Zones” update. This is a very detailed forecast blog, that discusses timing of precipitation, temperature forecasts, severe/winter weather updates, total precipitation forecasts and more! This is an example of what we provide our clients that discuss timing of precipitation…note that we DO NOT use spreadsheets to illustrate our forecasts, we leave NO guesswork for you to have to figure things out for yourself.


We also offer a service that includes our hand-crafted long-range outlooks illustrating weeks 1&2, 30, 90 and 180 day forecasts. Also included in this subscription is a 15-day blog discussion breaking down weather patterns over the next 2+ weeks, and a 30, 90 and 180 day video discussing the “why” behind our long-range outlooks; this entails what we think our weather will be like during these time periods! Here’s where you find these on our website:


Here’s a 30 day forecast video example:

One really cool thing we also do is include potential cold front dates that will impact the Heart of the Country in our long-range outlooks…we try to do these 2-3 weeks out in advance so you have as much lead time as possible.


We also create our own seasonal forecasts for our clients, that break down our thoughts on the upcoming seasons. For example, here’s our thoughts for this coming winter! bam90-winteroutlook

Lastly, one REALLY cool new option we will be adding FOR FREE…yes, I said FREE! to our site this winter is a blog called “Significant Winter Risk Discussion”. Basically this will be a forecast issued 5+ days out from a system moving in that will provide broad details as to what the latest trends are, rain vs snow line, temperatures, and impacts. Here’s where this is located on the site…we will be unveiling this as soon as our first winter storm moves into our forecast area! 


We are extremely excited about what this winter has in store, given the transition from a record-strength El Nino to a weak La Nina this fall/winter. This transition has led to flooding rains this summer, tornadoes in August, record heat in September and October…and we think potential cold and snowy this winter. We would love to forecast for your business this winter and help you save money, time and resources. If you are interested in what we offer, please email us at: info@bamwx.com and we will discuss in more detail our services, and get you signed up today!

Thanks for checking out this free blog about our services for this upcoming winter, have a wonderful week!