Cold & Stormy Winter? Attend our Winter seminar Sat Oct 8th for details!

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EARLY Winter Ideas. Winter Weather Seminar.

Good Tuesday morning everyone and hope all is well. Wanted to send an early note on the upcoming Winter. Each year we hold a Winter weather seminar where we talk about the outlook and teach/train on some forecasting 101 tips. This year we have scheduled that event Saturday October 8th in Greenwood Indiana just off of the main street exit off I65. The event will be FREE to attend and for all ages. It will run from 9AM-11AM with some longs doughnuts and coffee available to you also (I love that place). The goal is to give enthusiasts the best forecast possible and clients the best guidance possible to help you save and make money this Winter season from services!

To let us know you will be attending please send us a quick email to just so we can have a general head count! You can also tweet me too if you would like just to let me know you’re twitter handle is @Met_Mdclark or @Bamwxcom

Event details:

Saturday October 8th 9AM-11AM,

749 Commerce Parkway W Drive, Greenwood, IN 46143


With the idea of a winter weather seminar I figured I would share with you some very early Winter weather ideas we have come up with here in the office last few weeks. With the WEAK La Nina in the forecast and the current PDO situation we think there’s a good bet winter could be on the cold and stormy side of things this year with little concerns in the way of “warm/non snow events” like last Winter delivered. Confidence is slowly growing but still need some time to fine tune things and that’s what we will do at this seminar! Again nothing is set in stone at this distance but the trend is our friend they say! Remember we want NEUTRAL to WEAK La Nina conditions and thus far here is what latest data is suggesting below.


If we look at years prior we see the reversal of tropical forcing and drift towards a NEUTRAL to WEAK La Nina signal this is what those years look like in terms of temperatures from normal.


Needless to say things look “good” for some cold and snow at this distance but we need to continue to monitor trends going forward. We will dive into this with some detail Saturday October 8th! Hope to see you there! M.