#ILwx Zones 3/4 – Multiple storm threats into early wknd, cont heat wave, BIG rains nxt 10 days. Kirk.

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Key Points – Zone 3/4 – Short Term


Hey there and good morning, welcome to the latest forecast for Zones 3 and 4 on this wonderful Wednesday morning! Taking a look here first thing this morning at our regional radar loop, you can see the fairly intense MCS (mesoscale convective system…or, really big cluster of storms) pushing south to southeast across southern Wisconsin into northern IL. This is the same MCS we outlined with average to low confidence in yesterday’s update from the RPM model, but was worth mentioning the risk. Storm clusters like these actually tend to persist over night, even strengthen, so folks in Zone 4 are not out of the woods yet.

(Latest radar loop)


Our forecast models have this line persisting into the morning and early afternoon hours as seen below. Zone 3 should stay fairly dry today.

(Storms possible in Zones 4 this morning)


Today should be fairly hot and dry across most of Illinois once again as you can see below…possible 90s as well.

(Today’s forecasted highs)


Our focus turns tomorrow night into Friday for storms once again across the northern parts of the state.

(Upper level lift late Thursday night into Friday morning…more storm potential)


Rain possible Friday night as well riding the 588 line as well…confidence is average to low with this right now.

(Additional storms across northern IL Friday night as well)


The European model shows continued southwest flow into early next week…bringing chances for rain over the next 10 days…below is the 10 day rainfall totals. The Corn Belt, especially west, stays wet.

(European model 10 day forecast)


Today’s Zones 3/4 Video (5 minutes):

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