Zone 1 & 5 Thu. Forecast: A Stray Shower Possible Fri., But Lots Of Sun & Warmth In The Forecast! JT.

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AFTERNOON – OVERNIGHT: Sunny to mostly sunny skies are in place across zones 1 and 5 this morning. Plenty of sunshine looks to stick around both Indiana and Ohio today with perhaps a few clouds working in through the afternoon.


To the south and southeast of the region a surface wave of low pressure and upper-level low are moving through. While this could allow for a few stray rain showers in very southwestern portions of zone 5 this evening (Evansville area), most places will remain dry.


Overnight clear to mostly clear skies will remain with lows in the upper 30’s north to around 50 south, where a few more clouds are possible.


FRIDAY: The upper-level low will weaken greatly overnight tonight through Friday. As it does it will get taken off to the southeastern U.S. as it gets caught in the jet stream.


Friday will be a dry day in most locations as sunny to mostly sunny skies continue. However, southern portions of zone 5 late in the afternoon may see a stray shower develop by 4-5 pm. However, it won’t be widespread and it will be very light in nature.


A few stray showers could work their way into southern portions of zone 1 Friday evening. However, with the amount of dry air in place they will be very light and isolated in nature.


Temperatures will continue to increase across the region on Friday with highs in the upper 60’s to possibly mid 70’s south.


A couple sprinkles or stray showers will remain possible across southern zone 5 through the overnight Friday into Saturday. Again, these will be brief and light in nature.


Lows overnight will be in the mid 40’s east to mid 50’s west

SATURDAY: The upper-level ridge of high pressure will spread northward Saturday. As it does sunny to mostly sunny skies will be in place across the entire forecast area.


Under the ridge temperatures will start to warm with highs in the very upper 60’s to mid 70’s! Winds will be very light Saturday, so it will be a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.


SUNDAY: The ridge will continue to pump to the north on Sunday. As it does, it will allow for that warm flow of air to continue moving into the region. It will also keep us under the area of high pressure so not too many clouds are expected as sunny to mostly sunny skies will remain in place.  


Highs on Sunday will be in the low 70’s north to possibly upper 70’s south!


MONDAY: An area of surface high pressure looks to move over the eastern U.S on Monday. While there will be a southward advancing cold front to the north of the region and an area of low pressure to the west, the high will slow these features down.


With the slowing of the front and low, Monday could prove to be a very nice day with a mix of sun and some clouds. Any precipitation would be held to the north and west of the zones through the day.

Highs will be in the mid to upper 70’s.

Late Monday night into Tuesday morning the low will move in from the west and the front from the north will move south. This will bring a chance for some scattered rain and some thunderstorms back into the forecast zones through evening/overnight.  


LONG – RANGE (MID-LATE NEXT WEEK): Models do vary next week on forecasts. The EURO shows another upper-level area of low pressure getting cut-off from the main jet stream. This would bring showers chances to the region next week.


However, the CMC model brings in high pressure at the surface keeping the region mostly dry after Monday/Tuesday.


The GFS is not even worth mentioning at this time as model verification scores are so low.

Regardless, the good news is, it doesn’t look like any all-day rains are expected and temperatures will remain warm!

Temperature Anomaly
Temperature Anomaly