Interested in BAM LSSAT? Location specific storm arrival texts! Details here! #ILWX #INWX #OHWX #WMIWX

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Do you ever lose sleep wondering if you need to be prepared for snow or severe storms? Sleep well knowing that your location is monitored 24/7. Introducing BAMs LSSAT (Location specific storm arrival texts)! With our one of a kind personal notification you will receive a pre-storm notification from a meteorologist anywhere from 1-6 hours prior to the snows arrival in the winter or up to 3 hours in advance for severe weather.  Do you want to be notified for just snow? Or would you also like to be notified of rain, damaging winds and flooding? You set the threshold and receive only the alerts you want!

With that being said these are NOT texts that are warning you of a watch or warning of any kind. To get that information you would need our automated NWS address specific text alert subscription. This is a service where our Meteorologists personally text you informing you that inclement weather is approaching your area severe or not. Here is an example  of what that text message would look like!

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This option will be included in the commercial level subscriptions now and in the future. We are in the process of getting the database setup so if you’re a commercial level client right now let us know if you want to be put on the list!

 For those of you who are interested in this service there will be a 12 month minimum contract agreement with this service. If you wish to purchase this service by itself the cost will run $895.00 per year. Keep in mind this service means an actual Meteorologist is monitoring your location 24/7. There is nothing like this on the market today and it will make your automated free weather apps even more useless than they already are. This is not a service where we send forecasts to your phone this again is a service that tells you when inclement weather is set to arrive in your desired location(s). If you’re a business/fair/festival or organization of any kind this service is very affordable and puts accurate very useful weather information in the palm of your hand! Make informed decisions year around with our personal text service! 

1 year of service: $895.00

2 years of service: $1,495.00

3 years of service: $2,295.00

If you wish to purchase our forecasting and consulting services on top of this service substantial discounts will be given and we can discuss that upon email communication. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in hearing more or discussing options!