New CanSIPS February/March forecast. #ILWX #INWX #WMIWX #OHWX

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New CanSIPS February/March forecast. This is the model that really has handled the overall Winter forecast the best in my opinion. It updated last night and here are its ideas for February and March. Again we have stuck to our guns with a back loaded winter for the last 6 this rate I’m all in and ill either be right or wrong. Pretty simple. Plenty of support for snow this month, so far for the year we are sitting at 7.7″ of snow which let me remind you is more than we had this time last year. Here is the February 500MB forecast via the latest CanSIPS:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.55.32 AM

As we mentioned in the winter forecast back in October we think Winter lasts into March this year at least to around the 15th of March. Quick fact for you we have had 10 March’s with 9″+ of snow, to get even more extreme in March of 1906 we had 30.4″ of snow so its easily possible snow chances last into March. Here is the March 500mb forecast via latest CanSIPS:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.55.45 AM

Does this mean its a slam dunk snowy Feb and Mar? No it doest not. It means the game is not over and there’s plenty of support to suggest we could still make up for lost time just like last year. I’ll have an updated Bamchase.Net long-range video posted by 5pm this evening so be sure to check back! Again folks please understand there are things that can go wrong with the long range forecasts we don’t claim to be 100% and we don’t doom and gloom you with incredibly snowy/cold forecasts. We told you December would be terrible and it was. We told you Winter would arrive in Jan and it did. We went on further to say we think Feb and Mar will be the best time to cash in on snow. So far so good in my book. I’ll touch more on this in video this evening. Cheers for now. M. 

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