Early Wed. Morning Snowfall Update. JT.

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Forecast Discussion:

Good morning everyone, going over a check of the latest forecast with you as of about 3 AM Wednesday. Current radar shows snow moving to the east and slightly to the northeast across Illinois, Indiana, and western Ohio. Some of the heaviest areas of snow are currently positioned across central Indiana from east of Lafayette, to Indy, south towards Louisville, KY.



Over the next few hours snow will continue to move to the east and northeast. We are seeing the back edge of the snow in western Illinois. This will start to move to the east through the early morning hours, shutting the more persistent snow off. It looks like the snow will mostly come to an end in the Indy metro around 8-9 AM this morning.


It looks like by 11 AM – 12 PM most of the more persistent snow will be out of the forecast region.



With that being said, the low-levels of the atmosphere do look to remain Saturday through at least mid-afternoon. With the amount of moisture still present some snow showers and/or flurries will remain possible through the afternoon hours.


Regarding snowfall, the latest RAP model is relatively aggressive with 3-4” in the Indy metro area and points southward into Kentucky. The latest NAM is a bit less aggressive with snowfall through the morning with around 2” in the city. Given current radar returns and trends, the RAP looks to be more likely with 3” of snow a good bet with some areas perhaps seeing a bit more, especially the farther south you go.



NAM 12 km
NAM 12 km


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