#ILWX #INWX #OHWX #MIWX Mid-Day Short Term Forecast Update. JT.

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CURRENTLY: Snow showers continue moving across Indiana, western Michigan, and Ohio to the east and southeast.


The latest visible satellite shows clouds breaking up across Indiana, so some sunshine is getting through. Sunshine is also getting through to our west and northwest as the latest NWS reports show broken to scattered clouds and even some sunny/clear reports. So more sunshine is in the forecast especially as we progress later into the day.


Snow showers look to continue through early to mid-afternoon. The latest HRRR shows the snow coming to an end in many locations after 1-2 PM. With that in mind a few flurries or light snow showers can’t be ruled out with some moisture still left at low-levels.


Winds look to remain strong through the early afternoon as the front and low move out of the region. Wind gusts of 25-35 mph will remain possible through early/mid-afternoon.


Through late afternoon and evening the winds will start to slack off with gusts of generally 15-20 mph around 6-8 PM tonight.


Overnight winds will really start to subside as they drop off and high pressure moves in. By 11 PM to midnight most winds will be in the 5-15 mph range.


Overnight temperatures will drop into the single digits. With slackening winds and some clearing lows closer to zero wouldn’t be a surprise in locations.